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Getting to the top in any business is hard work. Even more difficult is staying on top, but if you put customers first and deliver products, features, and services they want, it will go a long way to building brand loyalty. Perhaps that is what Lenovo has in mind by partnering with SweetLaps to bring back the Start Menu that's absent from Windows 8.

Developed by SweetLabs, the full version of Pokki will come pre-installed on select Lenovo desktops and notebooks running Windows 8. While the reemergence of the Start Menu is a primary selling point, Pokki also introduces modern desktop apps, real-time notifications, games, and more.

Pokki on Lenovo

"We started SweetLabs with the dream of building the world’s largest app distribution platform – connecting the right apps with the right users," SweetLabs stated in a blog post. "While developers continue to fight for attention and distribution in the crowded iOS, Android, and Facebook channels, we’ve unlocked a massive, new channel – enabling the opportunity to recommend and promote apps on brand new Lenovo PCs."

SweetLabs also announced that it's expanding the scope of Pokki. Its app store and app recommendation platform now supports additional app types, including traditional Windows desktop apps. In addition, Pokki now supports 13 languages.

Nice sad another company had to do this instead of Microsoft really really sad


change is scurry yo


I really have not had one occasion where the win 8 start menu wasn't better than the old one. It's really not bad. If people just took a little longer than 2 minutes to jump to a conclusion about it; they would see this.


No start button needed


Heres an idea, when XP was around, in terms of selling and being loaded on new computers, look at how much market share windows had. Why not just revamp XP with all the latest drivers, codex's and what not, like directx 12 or 13 which one their on now and leave the GUI the same, why won't this work? Wasn't is because of how well xp just worked that it became popular?