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Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One ReviewUnless you're a gamer or a content-creation professional that requires a lot of computing horsepower, the latest crop of All In One PCs probably seem very attractive. AIOs tend to be quite the lookers, with sleek lines, large and crisp displays, touch capabilities--and of course, a small footprint.

We're starting to see AIOs with better and better specifications too, and although they won't be your choice of machine for pwning n00bs just yet, products like the Dell XPS 27 Touch offer very solid specifications in addition to a premium user experience and lots of ports for connecting peripherals, media cards, and more.

The Dell XPS 27 Touch is one of the first generational updates to an all-in-one that we've gotten our hands on, having reviewed the original Dell XPS One 27 last year. Thus, we get to see what sort of performance boost Dell's big and beautiful AIO gets from Haswell and an updated NVIDIA GPU...

Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Review


We have 45 dell PC's that are now over 6 yrs old and they are still going strong. Dells just seem to last, funny how people told me dells are cheap crap. Sure the mouse and keyboard are crap however they seem to go forever.


i just brought the dell xps touch all in one, i was wondering how do i chane the brightness of the screen. in the setting it say it is unavailable