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Go ahead and mark it down: September 10th will be the day that you'll want to take a mid-week break, as Apple is reportedly planning to unveil its next-generation iPhone at a special event in California on that day. In a lot of ways, this is a great big "finally!" Apple's last iPhone event seems like a distant memory, and 2013 has a been a supremely quiet year for Apple -- particularly compared to the product-packed 2012. But, a new All Things D report is pegging 9/10 as the day that it all changes... again.

With iOS 7 progressing nicely, it aligns quite well. At WWDC, Apple said that iOS 7 would be ready for the public in "the fall," and if the next-gen iPhone is revealed on 9/10, it'll almost surely be available to ship by October. That means that Apple will have all of Q4 to soak up new iPhone sales, and the holiday shopping season will likely see "new iPhone" on many lists.

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I'm going to check it out of course but it is looking like I will be skipping this generation as well that's if I ever choose to get an iPhone again. Almost 11 months with my ip5 and I've never been happy or impressed with it, in fact the only reason I haven't jumped ship already is I like the "smaller" screen size and the "mini" versions of some android phones that have come out are either still too big or the hardware too neutered compared to their larger versions.

iOS7 looks like a loser we want an overhauled OS not just a slight GUI change. We want NFC. We want quad-core. We want .11AC wireless. We want LTE advanced. We want absolutely no aluminum especially with a cheap paint job, we want better build material. We want gorilla glass 3. The same great battery life. We want a higher res screen. And most of us still want that screen 4" to 4.5" (especially me). I have a feeling some of the things on my list are not going to happen.


Apple will make what they want to seeing as they have plenty of buyers anyways,.........


There is really no benefit to having a phone with LTE Advanced at this point in time. The only exceptions being people who live in South Korea, or people who plan on keeping their phone for several years. Currently, no US provider has LTE Advanced. It will probably be 6-12 months before the initial rollout of LTE Advanced services in the US, and 2 years plus before widespread availability. Given the rapid obsolescence of cell phones, who wants to keep their phone longer than 2 years?

But I agree with you on the other features. An iPhone 5 successor with a full HD 4.5" screen that maintains a similar overall size for the phone would be an especially welcomed upgrade. Also, I hope the next camera is capable of recording at 60fps, as rumor has it.