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AMD expanded its line of low-power G-series APUs with the GX-210JA, a full SoC design for x86-based embedded systems that the company says uses a third less energy than even its own previous embedded G-series chips, with a TDP of just 6W.

Further, AMD says that the chip’s “average power” is a mere 3W. Like the recent Intel announcement about a Haswell chip with a 4.5W SDP (which, as we mentioned, is not an apples-to-apples comparison with TDP), the GX-210JA is designed for fanless designs. The AMD chip could find its way into fields ranging from industrial controls to digital gaming to digital signage and thin client computing.

AMD G-Series platform block diagram
AMD G-Series platform block diagram

"AMD Embedded G-Series SOC products offer unparalleled compute, graphics and I/O integration, resulting in fewer board components, low-power use, and reduced complexity and overhead cost,” said Arun Iyengar, vice president and general manager, AMD Embedded Systems. “The new GX-210JA operates at an average of approximately 3 watts, enabling a new generation of fanless designs for content-rich, multimedia and traditional workload processing."

Features of the embedded G-series chips include dual- and quad-core options, enterprise-class Error-Correction Code (ECC) memory support, temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, discrete-class AMD Radeon GPU, and an integrated I/O controller. The GX-210JA is now shipping.

ignoring the people who want new radeons and fx chips. If intel wasnt as obsessed with mobile they would be so far ahead on desktops


No 8cores? whats its socket? is the traditional heatsink with fan cooling system enough? sorry for many dumb questions


These chips are meant for embedded fan-less systems, not for desktop.


this is more for tablets and netbooks I think


Love to see HH do a test of hardware - preferable a laptop - with this chip installed, so that we can see if it lives up to the hype....