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It isn’t exactly 1,000TB on a DVD, but we’ll take it. Sony and Panasonic announced that the two companies are partnering to develop a next-generation standard for optical discs in an effort to provide another long-term data storage option for professional use.

Leveraging technology owned by each company, Sony and Panasonic are looking to create an optical disc with a storage capacity of at least 300GB; the project will ostensibly be completed by the end of 2015.

Panasonic LB-DM9
Panasonic LB-DM9

Both companies already have high-density optical disc storage in their respective portfolios. Sony has a system that uses a cartridge filled with 12 optical discs; each disc has 25GB of capacity. Panasonic’s LB-DM9 optical disc-based storage products has up to 90 magazines of optical discs; each magazine holds a dozen 100GB discs.

Although both Sony and Panasonic have done much work using the Blu-ray format, this new venture will use an entirely new standard.

I suppose it just depends on the cost.

I was really hoping flash technology would get cheap enough in the future that it would replace discs.

Flash cards are sturdier and faster than an optical medium. Maybe further in the future I suppose.

But I guess in 2015 we may still need optical media.


Well man if you think about the DVD and Blu-ray market along with console market. They still use disc and I don't see movies changing to flash media anytime soon. Granted alot can be streamed or downloaded to watch on a PC, console, smart tv, or devices that give your TV that capability which people still by discs. Also with 4K getting more and more inexpensive a standard blu-ray or double sided blu-ray isn't gonna hold enough space.


Ya that's true. I think the physical distribution is still needed. The internet infrastructure just isn't good enough yet. Or more importantly it isn't a common standard. So companies can't really only rely on streaming and digital downloads.

But I would sure love to be able to rent redbox movies with a flash drive or something. Just stick in your flash drive and you're good to go. HAHA can you imagine the piracy though, if we could do that. It would be insane.


300GB? "AT LEAST 300GB", That's incredible...this could extend optical media's life span for decades.

Joseph Pianta

now if they would lower the price of dual layer blueray so I can afford to back up my drives more important things.

it still would take 4 of the 'new' dics to back up a HDD that is in most computers...

and how long does something like that take to 'burn/toast'?


2015 seems so far away for this...and I can only guess the price for the first 1-2 years will be more than most people will want to pay.


Possibly BlackOps or they just know its not something viable on the market unless they can make it just as cost effective (maybe slightly higher) as blu-rays and think it will take another 2 years. Who knows but something interesting to keep up with.