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The mobile market is no place for wimps; competition is very steep and very fierce, and even giants with deep pockets like Microsoft can’t seem to compete. According to Forbes, Windows Phones are actually in jeopardy of disappearing in the U.S. and in Europe after sales of Nokia Lumia phones (essentially the flagship devices for Windows Phone 8) dropped to half a million units in North America last quarter.

Apple’s iPhone still does brisk business at the high end, and the forthcoming rumored “low cost” iPhone will no doubt take a bite out of midrange sales. Android is flourishing thanks in large part to Samsung and its many, many handsets and tablets running the OS at a variety of price points. To date, there’s just not much room for Windows Phone, and a large part of the equation--app development--hasn’t been a strength of the platform. With such low market share, it’s not that appealing for devs to create for Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8
Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8

It’s really too bad, because in general, more options create more competition and better options for consumers, and specifically, Windows Phone 8 is a fine OS. (It’s likely that Windows Phone has suffered a low rate of adoption because it’s big brothers, Windows RT and Windows 8, have done little to interest consumers.)

Windows Phone 8 apps
More of these, please

Further, Nokia knows how to make excellent handsets, but the company bet big on Windows Phone 8, and it appears that the gamble isn’t going to pay off. It will truly be sad for the mobile industry and consumers if both Windows Phone and Nokia drown in a sea of Android and iOS phones. There’s still time to turn things around, of course, but amid the whole of the ongoing Windows RT and Windows 8 debacles, Microsoft might not be able to pull it off, even with a strong line of handsets from Nokia aiding the effort.

I have a Nokia 928 windows phone and love it. The app store isn't THAT bad. I can usually find what I need for whatever the task.


I almost feel bad for Windows. It's really been an off year for them. It'd be crippling enough to have the slow sales of Windows 8 or the slow sales of the new phone OS alone, but they've had to deal with both of them.


Where in the world did you get those false numbers?

Multiple sources are quoting Lumia devices sold 7.4 million units this quarter, where in the world did you get half a million?

This is the most Lumia's Nokia has ever sold in any quarter.

"Nokia has best quarter for Lumia smartphones sales, trims losses

Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumia smartphones in the second quarter, its best yet for sales of the Windows Phone devices, but still made a net loss.

During the quarter, Nokia sold 7.4 million smart devices, its term for high-end smartphones, almost all of them Lumia devices running Windows Phone."

Sources: ComputerWorld, Nokia's quarterly report


Half a million--in North America. 7.4 million is global sales.

"...sales of Nokia Lumia phones...dropped to half a million units in North America last quarter. "


I agree Robert. I have a 928 too and i love it. Fast, smooth, and it takes great pictures. Plus i havent had any trouble finding stuff on the app store either. I would be really sad if nokia and windows phone failed...


I like Windows Phone, but personally I still use Android because I am not that fond of the tiles really. I quite like the way I can mess everything about in Android, though I could get used to them, I'm sure. App space is not too bad, I'd like to see some more of the higher level games.