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Logitech H650e and H820e Enterprise Headsets ReviewLogitech has a long history of developing products for consumers, who traditionally have valued style and comfort, perhaps more so than corporate purchasers. Its business components are stylish, too, and are designed to match durability with comfort. To give us a feel for what Logitech can do for business users, the company sent us two of its headsets: We took the USB-powered Logitech H650e ($89.99) and the wireless H820e ($199.99) for a spin and have our thoughts posted here...

 Logitech H650e and H820e Enterprise Headsets Review


Looks cool, but doesn't look that comfortable


The mute button on the boom itself seems like such a simple idea but rarely done. Its extremely convenient.


Would be nice to test one of these for comfortableness.


Just bought the dual earphone H820e wireless model. It is very comfortable - I've been wearing it for hours. It's lighter than my other headphones, which adds to the comfort factor as well. Range in my office building is very good. I've moved all over the floor (several hundred people work on this floor, to give you an idea of size) and went in the bathroom, etc. No degradation with the audio connection. Music sounds fine, too. The Lync compatibility features are nice. Probably the only slight knock is that when I'm walking around I can hear a little bit of "jumping" in the audio. And it's not sound interference on the microphone - I've been walking around with that on mute. But this is only a minor annoyance. Overall it's a pretty good set with nice features, decent sound quality, fast recharge and long range connectivity.