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Amazon likes to drop prices on its own products from time to time to goose sales, and indeed, it’s done it again with the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. The company dropped the price for the 16GB model to $169 from $199, and the 32GB is down to $199 from $229.

The deals include “special offers” that you’ll be stuck looking at on your lock screen from time to time, such as sponsored screensavers for books and movies, discounts on Kindle books, and alerts on electronics deals.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD is on sale

Amazon slashed the prices of its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD (to $269 from $299) and Kindle Fire HD 4G (to $399 from $499) back in March.

Although sales are typically temporary, these price cuts could portend a refresh of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD; Amazon may just be looking to clear out some inventory before the next big release.

In any case, if you’ve been thinking about snapping up a Kindle Fire HD, now’s a good time to get a great deal on one.