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There will indeed be another version of the DirectX application programming language (API), though Windows 7 users won't be invited to the party. Neither will Windows 8 users, for the matter. Microsoft confirmed that DirectX 11.2 will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 and its Xbox One console, or at least that's the way it appears. Some sites are reporting that DX11.2 could also end up on other next generation consoles.

Regardless of it ends up, the headlining feature of DX11.2 is a new Direct3D feature called Tiled Resources, which exposes a limited virtual graphics memory model to apps. This prevents loose mapping between logical resource data and physical memory, and also allows the creation of large logical resources that utilize small amounts of physical memory. That's the technical description. Put another way, this will allow a game to store textures in both system RAM and graphics RAM. In real-world scenarios, this will come in handy for things like mapping out terrain in games and coding the user interface in apps.

DirectX 11.2 Exclusive To Windows 8.1
DirectX 11.2 Exclusive To Windows 8.1

According to Microsoft, Tiled Resources will allow developers to build games with unprecedented amounts of detail. In addition, Windows 8.1 Preview includes a new set of APIs for DirectX apps to present frames with lower latency, allowing for faster response time by the UI, Microsoft says.

Though it's an incremental update, there are some major goodies in DX11.2, which makes it even more interesting that Microsoft's limiting the API to Windows 8.1 on the PC side.

Bleh.  I despise Windows 8--it's a tablet OS, not a PC OS.  Waiting for Win 9 and hoping it follows the trend of every other Windows version being decent.

Microsoft seems to have this habit of making stupid changes so they can claim to be innovative, then realizing people just want a solid, up-to-date OS without a bunch of dorky "features".


If you don't want to "play" with them, (buy the crap that they're cramming down everyone's throats) they'll take their ball, (new technology) and go home.

They'll tell you that they're still supporting Win-7, but this proves otherwise.


Limiting it to 8.1 isn't really surprising, MS is trying like hell to make the OS acceptable and Windows 8 just isn't. Withholding it from 7 and 8 is nothing more than a marketing scheme

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Right now this is no big deal but when some cool game is using it then it will push people to the newer os. Just another carrot from MS.


This must be a way to get us to use Windows 8.1 and Xbox One! I am disgusted by this act but I must surrender to Microsoft's Windows 8.1 because I am such a big gamer I need the latest DirectX software.