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Samsung today announced the availability of its Curved OLED TV at an event held in Seoul, South Korea. One of the major upsides to using a curved panel is that viewers will be able to enjoy "true-to-life" pictures no matter what their viewing angle or vantage point, Samsung says. It also features a "Multi View" function that allows viewers to watch two different live TV programs simultaneously.

"This technology is made possible through the rapid response time of the screen and exclusive 3D glasses with built-in earphones that deliver separate audio to each viewer," Samsung explained in a press release.

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Underneath the hood of the Curved OLED TV are thousands of self-emitting diodes for richer and brighter images than what you'll find on the current generation of TVs. On the outside, Samsung placed the panel within a curved frame made from "premium metals."

Samsung's newfanged display doesn't come cheap. Major outlets in Korea are retailing the Curved OLED TV for 1.5 million South Korean Won, or a little over $13,000 in U.S. currency. On the plus side, it's compatible with Samsung's Evolution Kit, which allows viewers to upgrade the TV as new features are made available.

I feel like this is a really cool idea, but you would have to be closer to the screen to get the immersion effect from it. Which makes me think this kind of design would be better suited for a monitor.


Guess i'll just have to wait a couple years for the price to drop on these.


Time to play the waiting game. That price will most likely plummet. 


As cool as it sounds, being able to split the screen and audio doesn't seem like it will be used often. In my perspective, if I were watching tv or movies with other people in the room, I would much rather watch with other people even if they were watching something I dislike.

Still, very cool. I would like to see what it's like.