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AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 Richland APUs TestedA few months back, AMD unveiled a handful of mobile Elite A-Series APUs, formerly codenamed Richland. Those products built upon the company’s existing Trinity-based products but offered additional power and frequency optimizations designed to enhance overall performance and increase battery life. In addition to these optimizations, AMD also began offering a host of specialized software with their Richland APUs that’s leveraged their inherent strengths--namely, AMD Face Login, Gesture Control, Screen Mirror, and various video enhancement features like AMD Steady Video, Quick Stream, and Picture Perfect. The ultimate goal was to make AMD hardware and software more appealing to OEMs and consumers alike.

Today AMD is taking the same approach and launching a handful of new Richland APUs but for desktops and small form factor PCs...

AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 Richland APUs Tested


Is this chip a game changer? I don't think so, but it is a nice step along the performance ladder, and it seems AMD is able to keep pretty close with their road map for their APU, so kudos to them.

Question for you Marco, did they provide any info as to which video cards can be crossfired with these APUs, and can you give it a shot?


Good read Marco, I'd like to have one of the unlocked APU's.

I don't know about any progress with hybrid crossfire, (a good idea that they need to work on a lot more) Radeon 6700 series was the last one that was enabled.


Really Loved AMD... Best for me... ^^


How would these do in a HTPC build and which one would you recommend for an HTPC build?

Also, do these run quieter than most AMD chips out there? I'd like to build a cool and quiet HTPC with some power behind it. 


Not a bad APU i see :D


I'd like an unlocked APU to play with. Don't have much experience with them nor the FM/FM2 socket so it'd be nice to play with. May have to get one at tax time. Or, wait, just going to build a media center PC for a client and use this.