I own an Antec 830 case. I tried to install a CDRW last night, but the IDE/Atapi cable that came with the Plextor CDRW was to short from the IDE 2 port to the CDRW. I have my DVD ROM installed on the top bay, and was going to intall the Plextor CDRW on the second bay. I also removed the third removable alluminum bracket that covers the third bay. Unfortunately the cable that came with the CDRW had a badly manufactured cable ,meaning the plugs were installed backwards, so the drives would have to be mounted upside down to daisy chain them together. Anyway, what size Atapi cable would work, and also since I removed the two other removable alluminum drive brackets, not the plastic ones on the cover, will this increase my chances of getting more dust into my system, or will the plastic cover still keep it dust free. I know the manual states that you should only remove those brackets if you plan on using the drive bay. But how else can you try them for fit.
Can anyone comment
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You might want to look into a 90cm cable you would be better of with a rounded as they can twist better if need be.