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We all love to see improvements in CPU performance generation to generation, and so we eagerly anticipate pitting the current top-of-the-line Intel Core offering, the Intel Core i7-3970X Sandy Bridge-E processor against an Ivy Bridge-E chip.

Apparently, someone already has, and the results show up to an 11% performance increase. A poster to Chinese site Coolaler, named Toppc, claims to have benchmarked the aforementioned Sandy Bridge-E chip to the upcoming Intel Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E processor.


Sandy Bridge-E scores (click to enlarge)


Ivy Bridge-E scores (click to enlarge)

Toppc used Cinebench, CPUmark, Futuremark’s 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark 06, and wPrime to see how the two performance against each other. You can see in the images how they did, but here are the scores (with the Sandy Bridge-E processor listed to the left):

Cinebench: 10.16 / 10.94
CPUmark: 533 / 561
3DMark Vantage CPU test 1 and 2: 5004.46 and 46.20 / 5337.40 and 51.47
3DMark 06 CPU score: 8099 / 8586
wPrime speed and stability: 5.01 and 149.167 seconds / 4.601 and 1138.169 seconds

Of course, this is all assuming that Toppc didn’t fake this in any way; but if it’s the real deal, the results are interesting.

Hopefully this is real. But what I don't understand is why release an ivy bridge processor so close to the unveiling of the Haswell line?


Because you will have another year easy with IB-E long before you start to see HW-Es start to show up...

Current X79 based CPUs are still SB-E

Mike Coyne

It was very Interesting to read this. I hope It will be on review soon. I really wish Intel should have get 8 cores processor on Extreme Edition series so it will smoked AMD FX. (no more 6 cores) Just move up to 8 cores with HT enabled (total 16 cores at same time). Do guys on HH agree with me on this?


Well considering the 8 core 8350 stacks up to the quad core i5-3570k and the only rumors going around of AMD having a killer chip is the "Centurion" that might be released at a stock clock of 5 Ghz, I really don't think Intel needs 8 cores. Intel owns the extreme cpus alone at the top.



I was hoping that there would be a bit of a bigger performance gain, but I guess we saw pretty much the same with Ivy...

Oh well. Hopefully one day Intel will make the extreme editions have 8 cores. It wouldn't help much, but it would put them a little higher.


Way nicer than my Q6600. :)


man getting a proner just thinking about what this bad boy could do. again if the results are real. Also hopefully i dont have to explain what a proner is.(ill fill in the first part of that which is involves part of the word processor. ill let people figure the rest).


Is it just me, or is Intel being sort of a slouch latley knowing AMD's processors aren't able to keep up? I really hope Steamroller puts that to rest.


I personally wouldn't touch Ivy Bridge-E. While the x79 chipset still works perfectly, for the money I would rather wait for Haswell-E and the x99 chipset. 5-10% gain is good but id rather still wait.