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Overclocking With Gigabyte Z77X MotherboardsIn between chipset releases, manufacturers typically pump out numerous motherboard variations, adding this or that feature or optimizing boards for a particular function. Unsurprisingly, folks like us enjoy tinkering with those boards when granted the opportunity to see if they offer anything special, over and above plain-Jane products.

Gigabyte is one manufacturer that is never short on S[censored], and with a trio of its Z77-based motherboards in hand, we wondered what any red-blooded hardware enthusiast would: How far can we overclock these puppies?

Overclocking With Gigabyte Z77X Motherboards


Seems like the UP5 board is the best for price/preformance unless you need the features that the UD7 board but for the extra $150 it may not be worth it. I would want to see what a H100i or Thermaltake 2.0 extreme cooler could do with the chip on those boards and what their temps were. I know the H55 is a good budget AiO cooler but I don't know many people that would use it when trying to do some big overclocks in the 4.7-4.8 range.


Yeah Clixxer I agree but that typically seems to be the sweet spot in Gigabyte MB's. The 5's are awesome, the 7's are blown out , and any thing under 5 seems to be lacking to some degree to me. Just for reference here Gigabyte is and has been one of my favorite MB producers for 5+ years now so I have watched every series they put out. I also love there enhanced (double Copper) PCB's for added grounding, cooling, and resistance in construction.


After ABIT bit the dust I started using Gigabyte boards and after much research my next PC will be a Gigabyte. And I agree with both of ya the 5's seem to have the most bang for the buck.

laptop punjac

I`ve been using gigabyte mobo`s for like 10 years and never had any mayor problems , so definitely they`ve got what it takes to stay on top , hopefully my new rig will also have some of their new and reliable board .


This is a good replacement motherboard for a broken PC. Its worth the upgrade!![:)]


I got a Gigabyte motherboard but is a motherboard really that important? I didnt spend much money on it because imo other things like CPU and GPU are way more important.


Dude MoBo is one of the most important things depending on what you are trying to build. SATA ports, USB ports, Overclocking, RAM speed, ect are all dependent on how good the mobo is.


Well i didn't overclock my PC at all yet.. Havent played any games i can run on 100% max and it has 2 usb 3.0 ports i think? But i dont have any USB 3.0 devices and also it costed me only 69 euro because it was in discount from 99 :)


Heh i'm all about getting a deal. I wasn't saying its a bad choice just that a motherboard can be very important depending on the type of build you are doing. 


A custom build i got Z68AP-D3 but when i overclock my stuff it stops working after a few days...


GoldenNathan wrote:

A custom build i got Z68AP-D3 but when i overclock my stuff it stops working after a few days...

What CPU and cooler are you using? You know what temps you are getting? Also what do you mean just stops working? Won't boot up or what? 


I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo on my Intel Core i5 2500K / 3.3 GHz wich i than clocked at 4.1 GHz. I followed a guide since i didnt have a custom build before this computer and never overclocked it therefore. So it was running well for a few days (although i didnt notice any difference..?) and than it didnt turn on anymore after going in sleepmode.. It scared the [censored]out of me and after googling a bit i learned that removing the battery thing from the motherboard will reset the bios or atleast the changed voltages. So i did and it ran perfect after that, never tried to overclock after that again tho. The temperatures we're like 50-60 after overclocking and 30-50 before overclocking. That shouldnt be the problem right? Also i'd like to overclock everything just to get the maximum out of my build but i'm a bit scared after that last incident..


Sounds like it could have been an unstable overclock. Your temps are fine and the hyper 212 is a good cooler. Could have been a setting also that needs to be changed on your mobo such as C states or LLC. LLC should be enabled and I always have turned off my c states.