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Jawbone expanded its product offerings to include those trademark boxy Bluetooth speaker/speakerphones back in 2010, and now the company is updating the firmware for its JAMBOX and BIG JAMBOX devices in addition to dropping prices on both. You can now snag the JAMBOX (v2.2) for $129.99 and the BIG JAMBOX (v2.0) for $249.99.

Updates for the JAMBOX include more crisp and clear phone calls, a Silent Mode in case you need to disable voices and notification sounds, and support for the Jawbone Companion for Android.


The BIG JAMBOX also enjoys the new Silent Mode as well as better audio streaming with fewer dropouts once you put distance between the source and the speaker, improved battery life for both the speaker (up to two more hours) and paired devices, and the ability to control volume from either the paired device or the speaker.

Note that the BIG JAMBOX requires a device running iOS 6.1 or later to take advantage of the better audio features and battery life.


If you’ve been eyeing a JAMBOX, now is a great time to splurge; for what we assume is a limited time, you can save $50 on either of the two JAMBOX models and still get the new firmware update.
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The first one was over priced and under-performed and 2.0 will be the same. For these prices anyon can get a far better speaker or for half the amount you can get something equal to these. Jawbone should never have entered the consumer portable speaker market especially if these are what they are going to come up with.


I've heard them in person and they sound pretty good considering their portability and all but I'd have to say I agree with you that they're definitely not worth the price.

But...they've also become a "trending" product and so have other portable/bluetooth/wireless speakers so stuff like this will probably be around and on the market for a while 


Ive heard before also and they have good sound but still not worth the price tag. I just dont see unless you have money to burn why someone would buy them at that pricepoint.