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Plans, plans, plans. You know how they go. Years back, AT&T mentioned (and re-mentioned, and re-mentioned) that shared data plans were in the cards, but it took an eternity to see that come to fruition. Now, a similar tale is playing out in regard to HD Voice. Way back in 2011, AT&T confirmed that it was pondering the addition of HD Voice (along the lines of Voice over LTE), and now that T-Mobile and Sprint are actually offering it, the carrier suddenly feels the pressure to double-back on those plans and re-state them for those who have shorter memories.

AT&T senior VP Kris Rinne has once again confirmed that HD Voice is on the carrier's roadmap, stating: "HD Voice is part of our voice over LTE strategy." For years, AT&T's voice woes were legendary. As the iPhone saturated its network and 3G towers buckled under the strain, just maintaining a voice call in downtown San Francisco and New York City became a challenge. Of course, the spreading of iPhones to other networks as well as the introduction of LTE has helped that a bit, but HD Voice will certainly help it remain competitive. Now, the real question: will we see it debut with the next-gen iPhone later this year?