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Flipboard, the mobile app that pulls news from multiple sources into a customized magazine, has turned 2.0, and it’s celebrating with some features that give users more control over their content. Now you can create your own magazines and share them with your friends. The user-generated Flipboard magazines are designed to link back to original content so the news sources you pull from are getting the attribution they deserve.

The new Flipboard magazines can be shared on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. You can also email your creation. A feature that Flipboard is promoting heavily is support for subscriptions – people can subscribe to your new magazines. It’s hard to tell whether this feature is going to be popular – how likely are you to assemble a magazine with content that you didn’t create for an audience, and how likely is there to be an audience for your magazine? Even so, it’s an interesting idea. The app also now supports shopping on Etsy, thanks to a new partnership with the custom products retailer. Right now, Flipboard’s new treats are mostly available only on iOS devices, but Android support is expected soon.