This is a really fine PC and you'll enjoy it for years to come too. Congrats again!


Oh drool! And that's even before I made popcorn and watched the video a second time!

Worth the wait, so thanks to Gigabyte and Thermaltake for once again putting up top shelf swag and Marco's super clean builds (mine's a mess comparatively!) Beautiful balanced luxurious quality gamer build.  I especially enjoyed Marco having to utter the words "our lucky winner Dorkstar" :D

Can't stop watching, this is going to spit out some serious frames!

I hate you Dorkstar :P


Ya TQ so much. i hope so


I was just sitting on the couch with the wife watching the video again (she did not watch it voluntarily), and she pointed out something to me.  If you all back to the video and skip ahead to 1:45 you can see a cute picture of someone who loves their daddy :)


She blesses all of the builds before they leave Marco's house.


realneil wrote:

She blesses all of the builds before they leave Marco's house.

Haha, my daughter will do the same.  Unfortunately she prefers to only bless the power button.  By bless the power button, I mean walk up and press it while i'm in the middle of something.  It's cute though, when she turns them off she just starts saying "Uh-Oh!" and starts to cry.  For some reason she hasn't figured out that she can press the button again to get the lights to come back on.



  I got the system in today.  I suppose you're wondering why i'm sighing and have yet to post up any pictures yet?  Well the GPU was dead by the time it got here.  I'm not sure how far Marco took the install, but the second you put your password into windows (after updating the drivers), that card just hard crashes.  I was praying I was wrong and tried a few other things before we decided to toss the card in my friends rig.  Of course he had the same results, or else I wouldn't be posting this message.  

  Now other than that, everything is working beautifully now.  This keyboard rocks, and i'm actually surprised by how much I like this mouse.  I honestly expected to completely hate this mouse, but I've found myself enjoying it more and more.  It's just something about the size, it's really long and I've got abnormally large hands for an average height human.  So instead of feeling like i'm holding a golf ball, I feel like I have total control of the mouse.

Alright, took a 10 minute break to get origin installing battlefield 3, working on getting these headphones installed and such.  I'll get pictures posted later when I get down to my SD reader on the laptop.  In the meantime there is fun to be had.


Dorkstar wrote:

Well the GPU was dead by the time it got here.

Yikes!  That's a shame.  Out of curiosity,  I had a quick look over at the reviews under  the Gigabyte HD 7950 sold at Newegg and saw that a number folks have had the cards crash or not work at all after an initial install.  But the folks at Gigabyte seemed responsive to their complaints.


Alright, finally got around to heading downstairs and transferring the images over.  So here they are!


Just showed up at the door!  I was curious why Marco was sending me clothes from Kohls, but it merely a re-purposed box containing all the extra goodies.


Cracking her open :P



I wasn't going post this one up, but I think everyone would understand when I say, I really appreciated the handle on the top of the computer.  Made pulling this beast out of the box much easier.


Had to get one in :)


This is what was contained in the Kohls box.  Oh, and that's Ron Swanson.



Just opened her up for the first time.  Everything looks beautiful.


Doing some last minute checks to make sure everything was intact before I plugged her in.


Well, as we all know by now, I had some issues getting everything to work, which we later pinpointed the GPU.  So the desk got a little destroyed.  Overall, i'm really satisfied with everything.  The meka G1 is so responsive, i feel like I can probably type 150+Wpm now, up from my normal 90wpm with my old keyboard.  The mouse is large, and fits really well in my hand.  I know it looks really awkward but i'm incredibly impressed with it honestly.  The Shockspin headset (which I didn't know was 7.1 until it got here) sounds excellent, and allows me to hear everything around me.  The only issue I have with the headset is the mic isn't attached to a boom, so I just simply clipped it on to the headphone cable which seemed to solve that issue.  I've also been notorious for sticking my mic into a bowl of mic when I forget i'm wearing my that should clear that problem up.

  Hopefully Gigabyte will help me with this GPU and I can put it to the test.  I traded my buddy my old PSU and CPU for 2 of his 120gb ssd's, tossed them in Raid and had it up and running about 5 hours after I got the delivery.  First time i've ever had a SSD in my desktop, so that paired with all the sweet hardware has made for a rather pleasant experience, even if i'm lacking the 7950 right now.



Thanks again to Marco and Dave.  I know you guys have had a lot of struggles getting this thing out the door, and of course with the bad luck that followed this build the GPU would be DOA, lol.

If anyone has any questions about anything in this rig let me know.  I took unboxing shots of everything that came in the rig, so if you're particularly interested in a single item, I've probably got pictures to go along with my description.  As of right now, I feel the shockspin headset, and the Meka G1 are completely worth every penny.  I haven't had the opportunity to put the mouse to the real test yet of gaming, but I got BF3 installed over night and plan on cranking it up here in a minute.


So I got notified by gigabyte that my replacement card would be here on Friday, so last night I decided to benchmark the build using Catzilla.  This is still with no overclocking, and running a  MSI HD7850.



In comparison to other builds, I scored rather low and was sort of embarrassed.  However, I still had hopes of s[censored]zing some juice of this since there was so much overclocking potential.  So, I decided to wait until the HD7950 got here.  Around 4:00 PM this afternoon it showed up at my door, in a symbolic white box of purity.  I popped her in, and loaded up catzilla one more time to get a benchmark in before I decide to start overclocking.

So how much of an improvement did I do in catzilla? Check it out below.

No overclocking, running the Gigabyte HD7950


I was rather amazed at the difference just the GPU provided.  The kiddo is headed out to my moms this weekend, hopefully I'll get some time to sit down and start seeing what she's capable of.


Heck of a change there!

It seems to be running quite well now! [:P]


realneil wrote:

Heck of a change there!

It seems to be running quite well now! Stick out tongue

Indeed!  I still haven't gotten around to overclocking yet.  Just picked up a new 27" monitor, so I've been busy drooling all over myself.

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