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HotHardware Giving Thanks 2012 Giveaway Winner!We finally got all of the hardware and were able to build our "Giving Thanks" system, which we gave away over the holidays. It's a sweet system featuring a Gigabyte 990FX-based motherboard and custom Radeon HD 7950 GPU, along with an AMD FX-8320 CPU, all wrapped up in some awesome Thermaltake components. Hope you like it!


Dear HH,

I love you


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Hehe game in good health Dorkstar!


Ooo-wee! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout (Willis). Happy Thanksgiven, Dorkstar.

I experienced that same delay because the folks over at Thermaltake apparently had a massive back-log to ship out because I won one of those sweet Level 10M gaming mice way back at the beginning of November, 2012 and I just got it yesterday (March 07, 2013).

Super Dave

What a beautiful rig. Great video, too - wish you guys would do more videos including 2 1/2 Geeks!

Marco C

We lost our host, Super Dave. Loved doing the show. Any chance you know a half geek that can record and produce video? :)

Super Dave

Marco C wrote:

Any chance you know a half geek that can record and produce video? :)

I wish I did because I really miss 2 1/2 Geeks. Hopefully someone will step-up and help you out soon, Marco!


Not a bad build cleanliness wise! Personally I would want to assemble it myself, but that is just me.


MayhemMatthew wrote:

Not a bad build cleanliness wise! Personally I would want to assemble it myself, but that is just me.


I actually considered requesting this, but so many people were anticipating the build video I figured i'd let them get a chance to see it.  Building it is half the fun, but plugging in all those damn front panel cables, and cable management is half the headache as well.  I figured I'd leave that up to Marco, haha.



Just built one for a customer last weekend in one of those cases with two Nvidia (650) cards and a Corsair PSU of roughly the same wattage Those cases run exceptionally cool from what I saw as it was very close to that besides the GPU's I used a Corsair dual fan liquid cooler with about the same cooling end product. The customer has been gaming on it since he took it home. Grats to you Dorkstar on that one as that MB is well above anything he had for sure and that FX processor has way more headroom as well from what I understand not to mention you easily have the extra wattage to do anything you want to above the stock clocking there. That MB is also enviable for sure top of the line (UD7's) Gigabyte mb's are works of art!

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Pretty sweet system. I'm still loving the rig I won a few years back, and I'm sure this one will make someone just as happy!

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>> . Loved doing the show.

You should do a live show where you just discuss the latest article and weeks stories, with a Google Hangout!


Congrats Dorkstar! Looks like a very fine PC for sure.

I know what you mean about the front panel leads, certainly my least favorite part too. Seems to me the motherboard and case manufacturers should be able to get together and come up with a standard plug layout to get rid of that mess of leads.


Oh yeah me to 3vi1 this should keep you happy for quite a while Dorkstar

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