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Like a lot of you here, I use the free version of Avast as my antivirus solution. My son mentioned to me last night that there is a new updated Avast version 8 available, so I checked it out. What I like most about this new version is that it includes a Software Updater that allows you to update third-party and other programs that are on your computer with a simple click. On my laptop Software Updater was showing Adobe Reader, Flash Player ActiveX, and Internet Explorer. Of those three programs Adobe Reader needed to be updated, and it was so easy. I highly recommend this new version 8 and I'm very happy with it! The best part is that it's free, and that includes the Software Updater. If you already have the older version of Avast you can simply click on update program to get this latest version. If you don't currently have Avast installed you can get it from my favorite trusted download site HERE.



I always go with avast and always recommend it. It seems to be much less boggy than the ol AVG. It's one of the better free solutions out there right now I believe. While it's a neat tool and a secure way of keeping it up to date, I actually don't like the software updater feature. Average users who don't understand things and don't fully read things seem to think that the AV is not auto updating but this isn't the case. Its' the software updater popup they're seeing. I've had some people ask me about it. But it is a good way or organizing software updates.


I used Avast earlier, but later I began to use Nod Eset Smart Security. Generally I am not satisfied with it as it passes viruses in comparison with Avast. So I plan to use Avast again.


Not to knock your Antivirus around,but it's not that good,well not in the real world anyway.I only know this because I've worked on a lot of computers with Avast on them and they all been infected real bad.To be fair if you tweak the setting it will do better,but don't trust it 100%.Same goes for AVG,Norton,Mcafee and others.I myself use several layers of protection which does ok.


Avast For The World :D


I used free AVAST for years. But recently I got 1 year of Webroot Secure anywhere for $9.00 on sale from Newegg for 5 devices. It has low overhead and it catches a lot of crap.

I like it a whole lot, and I have it installed on 5 computers. Newegg's sales are pretty darn good at times.