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Apparently still fuming over a recent report by an American cyber security company blowing the whistle on Chinese government-sponsored hacking groups, China's Ministry of Defense says its military sites are frequent targets of attack originating from the U.S. It also said that Mandiant's report is "full of loopholes" and adamantly denied (again) that the Chinese government has ever supported any hacker activity.

Like the U.S., China claims that it too is is facing serious cyberattacks. The Defense Ministry said that it recorded an average of 144,000 hacker attacks per month last year, and that 62.9 percent of them came from the U.S. In other words, China is accusing the U.S. of being responsible for nearly a third of all cyberattacks against its military networks.

People's Armed Police Squad

"We note that the U.S. media recently reported that the United States will adopt the policy of 'pre-emptive cyber attacks, large-scale expansion of network warfare units, and the development of network rules of engagement. The above practices are not conducive to the joint efforts of the international community to enhance network security," Defense Ministry representative Geng Yangsheng said in a translated statement.

A week ago, Yangsheng told Reuters that it's easy for hackers to steal IP addresses, and that hacking attacks from compromised IPs happen on a daily basis. The point he was making was that the U.S. shouldn't assume China is responsible for hacker attacks that are traced back to the country, yet China's Defense Ministry is perfectly content to blame the U.S. for hacking attacks based on IP tracking.

All I can tell you is that it was a Chinese IP address that attacked my server and destroyed my business some years ago.


Both countries are probably doing it to one another, and other countries are doing it too.

They'll all deny it 'till the cows come home.


All I want to know is, do the cows ever come home?


Not until the fat lady sings Dave.


Dave_HH wrote:

All I want to know is, do the cows ever come home?

around here, yes. There are farms all over,.........


I like how the word "hacking" is so freely used. If you're not gaining any information, then are you really hacking? As far as the IP issues go. Any "script kiddy" can grab an IP and say "I've hacked you." Without actually gathering any personal/important information. So, same theory applies here. Microsoft, apple, our government has reported no loss of information, so great job on the failed hack!

Also, usually countries put redundant/false information out there to be grabbed to fool the said hacker. So, if indeed anything was taken, then I doubt it was anything of importance.

As for China; you're fighting a losing battle here. We all know you guys aren't producing good programmers. In fact, it's your rivals India(our allies) who are producing quality programmers. So, good luck there China.

Also, a side note. China tell us again; how's that space program coming along? You know the one where you guys are about 100 years behind (tech wise) USA and Russia.


that's not what my firewall says