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Just hours before Sony presumably takes the wraps off of its next-generation PlayStation, we're now faced with a fresh leak that details some of the more vital aspects of the next-generation Xbox. Every so often, we hit a period of rapid competition from console makers, and with the Wii U freshly in stores, it looks as if the rivals are now readying their final stretch as well. On the Microsoft front, the next-gen Xbox is surely in the pipelines, and we're inching closer and closer to a global release. With Kinect launched mid-cycle for the Xbox 360 (and going on to be remarkably successful), there's little doubt that Microsoft will be leaning heavily on voice and motion gestures as input devices for whatever's next.

A new leak names a next-gen console as "Durango," with each Durango (even the base units) shipping with the future iteration of Kinect. In other words, Microsoft will be leaning so heavily on motion and voice, that every single next-gen Xbox will include it from the factory. Beyond that, the sensor technology is said to be markedly better than the one introduced years ago. There's an improved field of view (allowing more players to compete), higher resolutions are recognized (for more precise movements), and there's far less latency (for quick responses from the console). Essentially, it's going to be faster, better, and more capable in just about every notable area. And yes, 1080p resolution and USB 3.0 inputs are touted as well.

It'll be interesting to see if Sony follows suit today, and if it integrates a next-generation Move platform into the PlayStation 4. Motion gaming has taken off in a major way, but it's unclear if Sony is completely sold on it. While Kinect was a barn-burner for Microsoft, Move didn't do as well for Sony. Let the next-gen console wars begin!

The tech is still fascinating, but there were so many Kinect flops this gen that I don't think a more capable device could save. The thing is fundamentally restricted to very few specific types of games. But MS could save it if they opened it up to homebrew. The crazy things people were doing on youtube with it were much more interesting to me than the official games.

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I owned a kinect and as far as gaming goes group dance games were actually lots of fun with some alcohol involved but beyond that it wasn't meant for anyone above 12 for gaming. Ever try and play Forza4 with kinect on a 10 mile map? couldn't even keep my arms up after a few miles lol. What I did want kinect for was the promise for navigating with voice and hands but even with added features it was never enough for me and all i would use it for was "play disc". If this new generation gives kinect more access to all sub menus with more commands, maybe even type, would be awesome along with in app ie netflix gesture controls. Also think about it like adding the same capability new Samsung LED TV's with gesture controls have but to any television.


I agree... I think these sorts of use cases are what's currently untapped in Kinect. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.