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The business world isn't all that different from the world of sports. In either case, if your team isn't performing at a high enough level, you go out and hire better talent. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) just did that, adding a pair of experienced chip engineers, one of which previously worked for Qualcomm and the other for Apple.

Citing "sources close to the chip maker," Reuters reports that Charles Matar was brought on board to serve as AMD's VP of System on Chip (SoC) Development. Mater, who most recently held a job at mobile powerhouse Qualcomm, brings experience with low power and embedded chip designs to AMD.

AMD Headquarters

The other hire is Wayne Meretsky, a former Apple employee who helped design processors for the iPad and iPhone. At AMD, he'll be in charge of software developments for the company's chips.

These are interesting hires for AMD, as it signals a clear intent to diversify its talent portfolio as the market shifts from traditional desktops to mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, and hybrid notebooks. Hiring high-level talent also shows that AMD still has its scrappy attitude, something that would have been easy to lose after what seemed like a constant exodus of veteran employees over the past couple of years.

Atta boy AMD, keep swingin!