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The all-in-one PC form factor is a brilliant, if not obvious, evolution of the desktop computer. AIO systems offer the maximum amount of screen real estate while drastically minimizing the total footprint of the computer by packing all the components inside the monitor (or in the case of this particular AIO, the base of the stand).

Even better, now that ten-finger touch input is de rigeur, these machines offer new methods of computer interaction that are alternately ideal for wide-eyed youngsters, old luddites, and seasoned power users. (Give a toddler a touchscreen and she’ll figure out how to pull up her favorite album, play a simple game, and scroll through photos in minutes. Give her a mouse and keyboard and she’ll destroy or delete everything on your computer in roughly the same amount of time.)

Although some AIOs are intended as higher-end machines for professionals, others are designed primarily for home use by family types and those with more casual workloads.  The latter category is where the Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 lands.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Windows 8 All-In-One PC

I really dig the versatility of the monitor. I've recently become a little addicted to Microsoft Mahjong in the Windows 8 app store, and laying the monitor flat seems like it'd be a -very- cool way to experience it. Heck, just being able to tilt the monitor a bit while it being as low as possible seems like a comfortable way to read the morning news over a coffee.

Pretty slick looking machine as well. If only it had a bit more "oomph". As a big gamer, a card like the 630M makes me whimper.


I really like this machine. My only issue with it is the HDD. At 5400RPM it drags down performance unnecessarily. Drop in an SSD and this thing gets magical I'm sure. Hey, it's an easy upgrade these days if you can crack that case easily. :)