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Walmart may be able to save you a few bucks this holiday shopping season, provided you're in the market for Apple gear. We're not talking about ancient devices, either. One of the discounted items up for grabs is the 16GB iPhone 5, which Wally World is selling for $127, a fair amount cheaper than its usual selling price of $199.

The 16GB iPhone 4S has also been marked down and is selling for $89.97, representing a $47 savings. Keep in mind these are subsidized prices that require a two-year service contract with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

iPhone 5

For those of you jonesing for an iPad, Walmart reduced the price of the 16GB iPad 3 with Retina Display to $399. That's the same price Walmart sells the iPad 2, which has a slower processor and lower quality display. Starting Monday, December 17, the retailer will also toss in a $30 iTunes gift card to sweeten the pot.

Looking for a caveat? There's a small one -- all of these discounts are available in-store only, not online.

All I can say is that I feel like this probably has something to do with the decreased forecasts for iPad sales that we saw earlier. Even though it's limited to "in-store" sales and discounts on new apple products are pretty rare which means this is probably going to bolster sales at Walmart and for Apple through them of the iPad (and iPhone).

Maybe this will end up balancing out the new iPad to iPad mini sales and the fact that it's in a brick and mortar store isn't a bad thing either since like someone also pointed out earlier, they make a majority of their sales and revenue during the holiday seasons, combine that with a discount and this should result in some significant sales of Apple products.


This is really odd... I've always been under the impression that Apple didn't allow retailers to lower the cost of their devices.  When I bought my first Iphone from AT&T back in 2009, I remember asking the guy if they had any deals since I was buying 2 of them at once.  He told me they were unable to do anything with pricing because they were Apple products.  It's always appeared he was right until today.  The only thing I can think of is maybe Wal-Mart is covering the difference in cost in hopes you'll pick up your case, and a new set of headphones with each order?    

  Either way, I can't imagine Apple being too thrilled with someone marketing their product at a cheaper-than-high-quality price.

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OSunday, I agree!!!!!! This definitely has to do with the decreased forecast for full sized IPad sales and is directly linked to the release of the iPad Mini and iPad 4. The iPad 3 MUST be priced cheaper than the newer faster iPad 4 with new lightening dock, and the iPad 2 can't be dropped in price in the same manner because it would but it at below the iPad Mini's price while having a larger screen. Sounds like wallyworld is trying to liquidate its remaining stock of IPad 3's.

Explaining the discount on the iphone5 is a bit trickier though...

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btw this isn't the first the Walmart has offered a discount on iPhones during the holidays when at best any other retailer just offered a free iTunes gift card with purchase. They were the first to receive and discount the 8gb iPhone4 I believe? Discounting a new phone with the full specs however is a bit odd.


Walmart is definitely probably trying to clear out their stock... maybe in anticipation of a new iPad release for the future?
Perhaps they're able to discount it because when they purchase iPad's in bulk the cost per iPad is decreased, so by discounting it they're either lowering their profit margin or accepting to break even because of the prediction that the iPad wont continue to sell as well due to the iPad Mini so they're trying to get rid of everything now so they aren't stuck with it. 


No, you're all wrong.  Wal-mart investors wanted more money before the world ends on the 21st.  This was simply an act of a doomsdayer within wal-marts leadership.  They understand that if they sell the most desired items at a discounted cost, they'd get nearly every sale for those particular products all across the nation.  

Therefore putting money in investors pockets, and allowing them to live out their lavish lifestyles before the world ceases to exist.


good news for apple lovers, but I prefer samsung :D