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Intel’s upcoming fourth-generation Core-i7 CPUs (codenamed Haswell) promise to be game-changers, and we’ve reported on some of the specifications of its accompanying Z87 chipset, as well. Apparently, VR-Zone has gotten its hands on leaked details of the impending processor line, including the targeted launch date of April 2013.

The naming scheme should pick up where the third-generation Ivy Bridge chips did, using “3000” and “4000” numbering for third- and fourth-generation CPUs, respectively, which will be helpful in identifying the fourteen individual S[censored] that Intel plans to release.

Intel's Dadi Perlmutter

Standard voltage processors (which should come out first) include the Core i7-4770K, Core i7-4770, Core i5-4670K, Core i5-4670 and Core i5-4570, followed by the Core i7-4765T (35W), Core i5-4570T (35W), Core i7-4770T (45W), Core i5-4670T (45W), and 65W Core i7-4770S, Core i5-4670S, Core i5-4570S, Core i5-4430S low-voltage chips.

Haswell chips

Note that there are no hex-core processors, and only two of the quad-cores are fully unlocked. There will also be a line of lower-end Pentium and higher-end Ivy Bridge-E chips coming out in Q3 2013.

With each new release on intel processor's the closer I come to my realize my love/hate relationship with computers. From this I learn 2 things:

1. Better and faster things are to come, and that's awesome.

2. Whatever you have now is about to get knocked down a tier in the hierarchy of CPU's.

Why can't computers be better investments?!


Does anyone know if Intel has talked about going back to solder (instead of TIM) for Haswell?


Jeeze, I cannot wait for Haswell. I cannot wait for Ivy-bridge-E either!

It's going to be awesome :)


I saw this earlier this week and tried to post it and share!

It was the first time I had gotten or even seen a pending approval/moderation thing but now I know why, didn't mean to try and steal HH's Thunger haha

Either way I'm really excited to see what these will be able to do, hopefully they will have solved the issues with overclocking the current Ivy-bridge chips from soldered on heat spreader on the chips I heard a lot of gripes about too


Atticus14 wrote:

Does anyone know if Intel has talked about going back to solder (instead of TIM) for Haswell?

Last week they came forward and said they weren't planning on it at this moment.  Doesn't mean a whole lot, but at least they didn't come out and say they were doing it immediately.