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I've often wondered what would happen if Google day decided to call it quits and pulled the plug on all of its services. Could you imagine what kind of disruption that would cause? The truth is, many of us have come to rely pretty heavily on Google's services, so even just simple (and temporary) outages sometimes hit users hard.

Users on several continents got a taste of what's that like on Monday when Google suffered "service disruptions" affecting Gmail and Google Drive, Reuters reports. Both had gone dark for a period of time, though it's unclear exactly how many users were affected.

War of the Worlds Set
What it would look like if Google suddenly shut down its services.

"We are currently experience an issue with some Google services," Google spokeswoman Andrea Freund said in a statement. "For everyone who is affected, we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing."

The services were down for at least two hours in some locations, though it doesn't appear foul play (like a Denial of Service attack) was the culprit. Instead, Google engineer Tim Steele posted in a support forum that it was a "server-side problem."
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The only google service I use is their search engine and youtube on occassion. I have a gmail account but I don't use it.

Losing would be pretty devastating for a while there... but I would eventually move on to a new search engine.


Guess I'm not affected as I was just using Gmail. However, I just found out that Google-docs is now Google Drive, which is blocked at work, and I was filling out smoe school applications and had saved some essays in google docs which I can't access now.


I can't say planes would fall out of the sky if google went down.  I enjoy browsing the top viewed youtube videos on my phone, I use my gmail account as my primary, and only have just began using google drive over the past few days.  To me, google does provide the best search engine, but could I live without them? Yeah.  They just aren't exactly one of a kind, they're just the better of the kind.


Believe it or not I know quite a few businesses that USE Google docs and their suite of applications combined with email for profession use.

My mother users her advertising agency and organization of things primarily through Google docs, and my squadron at the academy uses it to communicate and share forms and schedules with us as well. I'm sure the same is the case for other institutions elsewhere because the free price tag appeal and the quality of the service.

Google going down for an extended period of time would prevent access to those documents and use of its services in systems that had become dependent on it so this could definitely have some major consequences on a national or global scale 

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EDIT... pls delete, a Server error caused me to double post LOL

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oh jeez... when trying to type my reply I got a Server Error for HH ugh, just my luck. Anyway my post was...

I had problems with my gmail yesterday, I thought it was something to do with my bookmarked link to it because at first I only had errors when using it, then all went to shhhhh. lol I couldn't use my gmail for an hour then gave up and left it alone. Thankfully everything was working when I returned. I had no idea it was widespread until reading this. I'm sure if it lasted any longer I would have figured it out.. and went crazy LOL


@ Manduh, That same thing happened to me! thankfully I happened to be posting it through the Forums (which I'm now going to do more often) because I was able to click "back" and my comment was still there. Apparently posting it through that way preserves what you're trying to type unlike through clicking on the articles on the front page where occasionally the comments get eaten


What did the error say Manduh?

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Dave_HH wrote:

What did the error say Manduh?

I think it just said Server Error, sorry I can't remember now. Um dang, I thought I still had the tab open but I don't. If it happens again I'll send you a screen shot though :)


Cheers for the choice of pic, Paul.


Glad you liked it. I snapped that photo during a tour of Universal Studios in Hollywood several years ago. That was from a scene in War of the Worlds.


Guess this should teach folks not to rely entirely on cloud services. Cheers Google! :-)


It should be noted that one can hardly measure cloud availability against a presumed standard of 100 % availability if the data is retained in-house ; such a standard is false....