Most confusing situation when buying a console when it comes down to these... each of them has their own sets of big gaming titles. What to prefer what not to? 




Here are the specs:

XBOX 360: CPU: Xenon Processor, 3.2 Ghz PowerPC Tricore Xenon

GPU: 500 Mhz ATI Xenos

Memory:512 MB GDDR3 Ram, 700 Mhz ddr memory

HDD: Detachable and Upgradeable 20 GB hard drive

Input/Output: 3 Usb 2.0 ports supports upto four wireless controllers & has two memory unit slots

Connectivity: Built in ethernet port, wifi ready

Optic drive: 12x dual layer DVD rom




PS3: CPU: Cell Processor, 3.2 Ghz cell Broaadband Engine with 1 PPE & 7 SPEs

GPU: RSX 550 Mhz NVIDIA SCEI 'Reality synthesizer'

Memory:256 Mb XDR Main Ram, 256 Mb Gddr3 VRAM

Storage: Detachable 2.5" HDD Slot x 1- 40 GB, 80 GB

Input/Output: USB 2.0 X 2, Supports upto 7 wireless Controllers (Bluetooth)

Connectivity: Built in Ethernet port wireless

Optic drive: Blu-ray Drive, DVD/CD Drive. 



Those are the original consoles, it's not really worth comparing those two since new revised versions and slim models have been released.
The older consoles aren't  even available new in store and can only be found used now.

It would be cool if you could find the specs of the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 slimline version for comparison 


Personally, i think xbox has the better titles here, but believe that PS3 has the better hardware. 


That's true, the PS3 came out almost a year later so had some hardware updates compared to the 360.

The Xbox 360 has the Forza, Ninja Gaiedn, Fable, Halo series and Kinect specialized games (which is a big pro-Microsoft point since Kinect has been received and supported much more then Sony's PlayStation move)

But on the counter side, the PS3 has certain final fantasy games, God of War, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, Time Crisis, Uncharted

And yet to come out, The Last Guardian and The Last of Us which should be pretty big hits


I think the xbox 360 definitely had a head up on PS3, especially with the Halo franchise that became very popular.