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This one's probably a long-shot, but apparently Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is thinking about branching out and building manufacturing facilities in the United States. Two potential destinations reportedly being evaluated include Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.

Foxconn is a major manufacturer of electronics devices that are shipped and sold in the U.S. and other parts of the world. It's the leading producer of Apple products and also has contracts with companies like Dell, Sony, and Microsoft, to name just a few tech heavyweights.

Foxcon Workers

Setting up manufacturing plants in the U.S. would be no easy task, and according to the un-named "market watchers" squawking to DigiTimes about Foxconn's plans, the company would most likely focus on building LCD TVs on North American soil. One of the reasons is because LCD TV manufacturing can be highly automated, which would cut down on labor costs.

Even still, Foxconn would have to fill the plants with employees and would likely be under a microscope for potential working violations. Reports of poor working conditions in Foxconn's China facilities have garnered plenty of media attention and given the company a black eye of sorts in the past couple of years.

Hopefully they won't need to build nets around the windows in the plants established on American soil.

Super Dave

With or without the suicide nets, I just can't envision how the Foxconn business model would be attractive to American workers.

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Gotta agree with InsideSin & Super Dave. I just don't think that the shipping industry charges enough to offset using slave-labor and carting the junk in from China in bulk. It's insane how little per item the shipping cost when you're talking about railcar sized containers.

Either someone at Foxconn went insane, or this is one of those stories that is leaked to try to raise the corporate image.