Super Dave

Looks like your day suddenly took a turn for the better![:D]


hey thanks for  sharing pics and your setup fat78 ..can easily get an idea how small the Zotac box is setting next to WD drive.Sure looks like you are enjoying that sweeet setup.& Let the good time roll. 🙂 Enjoy Man ! :)

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I think i have gotten a little lazier with this computer, now when i wake up i can just hit the power button on the remote and i have a computer powered up and ready in 30secs. Now i can just split my tv screen from my bed and do homework on one half the tv and watch hulu or a movie on the other half (Typing this paragraph from my bed atm). I only turned on my computer desktop computer to do some gaming (It was to play medal of honor and btw dont buy it,  it is worse then the last).plus wiith the network drive my dad bought a few months back pretty much every one in the house can easily share files, so i have a decent library of movies. I even created a wow addon folder so that i always have copy i could easily upload to a computer.


Sure sounds like the Zotac HTPC has certainly got a nice new home and owner.>>>Oh yeah, thanks for the head up on Medal of Honor

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It looks really fun to use. Congrats again Fat78 and thanks for the pics!!


It does look like a cool little box!

Congrats again and thanks for posting pictures!