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It’s just a matter of days until Microsoft’s latest and (purportedly) greatest operating system is officially released on October 26th, but you can now preorder a Windows 8 Pro DVD upgrade pack for $70.

The upgrade pack is available from a number of outlets, including Microsoft, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, and more. If you have the patience to wait until the release day, you can download the upgrade for $40; that offer expires in January, according to Reuters.

A third way to get Windows 8 is to upgrade from a recently-purchased Windows 7 PC. In an effort to sustain PC sales in the meantime, Microsoft has promised that anyone who buys a Windows 7 machine between earlier this summer and the end of January will get a Windows 8 upgrade for just $15.

Windows 8 DVD Upgrade

Of course, you can also just preorder a Windows 8 PC; they’re available in droves from all your favorite manufacturers, who are itching to get these systems out the door.

One mystery yet unsolved is how much Windows 8 will cost when purchased as a full standalone software package instead of an upgrade. If it’s any gauge, Windows 7 Home Premium is $119.99, Professional is $199.99, and Ultimate is $219.99.

[:)] For $70.00, they want to keep it much more than I want to buy it.


Agreed realneil, so if MS and Ballmer want to be more like Apple why don't they give us $20 upgrades like osx mt lion??? Even the lion upgrade was only $29.99, not $70 on sale!


Probably because most of the Apple OS updates are more or less equivalent to Service Pack Releases. Remember, Apple has yet to go to OS 11, all the updates have been incremental!

Mind also that Apple is now pushing those updates to once per year, it was previous once every 2 years. So you can wind up paying more over the same period of time as it takes for MS to produce a new OS version once every couple of years or even longer.

While this is at least lower than what they were charging for Windows 7 OEM when it first came out, never mind the retail box pricing or the fact you had to choose between a larger number of versions...


From the reviews i have seen regarding Apples OS updates they are more like Windows Services packs which we do not pay for.


Scratch my last comment about price, i just remembered my college provides certain free software if you are enrolled in a CS course and windows 8 is on the list of free software. I might try out windows 8 on my zotac machine when it comes and see if i like it for my htpc.

PS: TY again