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Okay so I've got a problem with my notebook, it's a gateway NV59 series ...So the other day I was just leisurely going through my documents on my computer when it suddenly, blue screened and turned off. So now when it boots up it stops at a black screen where it proceeds to tell me "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND"... So I figure loose hard-disk. Thus it is not so. 

So I tried to Re-Install the OS, put the disk in, looks good, half-way there then ----- 0 Unallocated Disk Space, and I can't move on from there. 

ANY suggestions!? 


0 unallocated  means there is zero free space, which means the OS is installed on the drive and has a partition on it for the whole drive. You can try repairing or restoring windows or if you still want you can wipe the old drive and reinstall a new copy of windows.

However i would check the bios first to make sure the computer is detecting the drive.

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Yeah....It was detecting the drive. Now when I do it, and I get to the install area "where to install" ...Nothing shows up. 


It's possible that the hard drive has corrupted.  If it's a Win 7 install, when you boot off the media, go for the repair options and the advanced options under that (can't remember it exactly without a machine in front of me in that state).

Open a command prompt from in there, and type dir c: then dir 😛 etc through the letters to see if you can read the partition.

I'll be honest, that sounds like the partition may have gone RAW.



Nuts just looked at the dates on this.  If you are sorted then cool, otherwise someone feel free to mock my lack of attention...