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Remember the old days, when your phone would vibrate and you’d practically jump out of your seat? Those days are back if you have an iPhone 5. Users are reporting that the iPhone 5 has an especially jarring vibration feature, so The Next Web dug into the smartphone and found out that it has an old vibration motor. You want vibrate mode to get your attention, but you don’t want it to get everyone’s attention.

The vibration motor actually takes up quite a bit of space, given the iPhone’s small size. It sits in the upper-left corner of the device. The motor that appears in the iPhone 5 also appeared in the AT&T version of the iPhone 4, but not in the Verizon version of the iPhone 4, nor the iPhone 4S. Those models have a motor that shakes, well, more smoothly, in the opinion of many users.

The Apple iPhone 5

The old motor is a surprising choice on Apple’s part, but isn’t likely to sway any purchasing decisions. We’ll see what motor Apple opts for when the next model comes down the pike. What, too soon to start wondering about the next iPhone? Never.
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Um... People complain about the weirdest things, I guess people are going to want a variable controlled vibrator in their phones next? I love that the vibrator is strong in my ip5! The new "smoother " vibrates are hard to notice! Keep in mind that the ip5 is lighter and with any smoother vibrate and you wouldn't feel it at all and I think that's why they went back. I upgraded my ip4 on AT&T and already did a side by side comparison of the vibrate and my ip4 still has a stronger vibrate I'm assuming because of the extra weight, it's much louder than the 5 while laying on any surface especially a glass table. I'm ad apple was smart enough to go with a stronger vibrate motor in the lighter ip5 than the one used in the ip4s.


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I can still very much remember the old vibration on the older mobile models, though I don't remember particularly finding them jarring. They were effective, got the job done, like any well oiled machine, what more can you ask for, I'm sure Apple felt the same way about it, hence the reason why they felt the need to bring it back.