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AMD’s Bulldozer chips were, to put it bluntly, a disappointment, but the company is hoping that its upcoming Piledriver, the second generation of the Bulldozer processors, will deliver on their promised performance even as the third generation of the chips (Steamroller) looms on the horizon.

In advance of the official global release, [censored] has preorders and pricing available. The lowest-end CPU in the family, the FX 4300 QC (3.8GHz) will cost just $131.62, while the top-end FX 8350 8C (clocked at a whopping 4GHz) will be $253.06.

AMD Piledriver pricing

The middle two chips, the FX 8320 8C (3.5GHz) and FX 6300 6C (3.5GHz) will cost $242.05 and $175.77, respectively.

The new processors will be available soon, possibly as early as October 1st, so it will be a short time before consumers will get the chance to see if the Steamroller CPUs are worth the money.

I want to see how well it overclocks, that should be where it shines compared to BD


The new Piledriver FX-4300 is clocked at 3.8GHz. while the older Bulldozer FX-4170 is running at 4.2GHz. ??

I wonder if it will run faster when overclocked?

It's using less power,........I guess that's a good thing.


Hoping Steamroller works better, I'd like to get one.


The amount of on-chip cache makes big difference on multi core cpu ,

a weak spot for amd when the core 2 duo came out .