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It looks like mobile device performance is about to get another bump in the right direction. Samsung announced that it has begun mass producing 2GB LPDDR3 memory, which will eventually supplant LPDDR2 in many mobile devices.

The new memory is built using a 30nm process and consists of four LPDDR3 chips stacked together in a single package. Performance will purportedly double that of LPDDR2--Samsung says it can muster transfer data at 1600Mbps per pin with a data transmission rate of 12.8GBps.

Samsung LPDDR3

“We will embrace greater technical cooperation with industry leading mobile device makers, as we continue to provide timely next-generation memory solutions like 2GB LPDDR3 DRAM, in helping to accelerate growth of the mobile memory market,” said Wanhoon Hong, Samsung executive vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing, in a press release. “Furthermore, with this rapid introduction of 2GB LPDDR3, we are moving very assertively to expand our global leadership on the premium side of our extensive memory portfolio.”

LPDDR3 is designed to support the performance of today’s fast and powerful mobile processors, high-res displays, and 3D graphics requirements; Samsung believes that this will exceed the support necessary for 1080p HD video playback on screens of 4 inches and larger.

Would it be unkind to suggest that Samsung declines to sell this chip to a certain assembler of smart phones, tablets, etc, or at least charge that firm a significant premium ?...



If you are talking about apple, it could happen. But then anti competition laws and market manipulation watchdogs would become active. If apple orders 50 millions units of LPDDR3 then it should get a lower price per unit, compared to a company that only orders 1 million units.

But still the ipad air is only equipped with 1GB of ram which is insufficient nower days.

Sure really great and will pm you .......