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It wasn't even a full month ago when just the anticipation of a rumored iPhone 5 launch was enough to send investors in a frenzy. Apple's stock at the time surged to around $649, making Apple the most valuable company of all time (not accounting for inflation) with a market capitalization of over $607 billion. That might have been just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

Following the iPhone 5's launch, Apple's stock closed on Friday at $691.28, resulting in a market capitalization of $648.01 billion. In pre-market trading this morning, Apple's share price is more than $699. It's likely to shoot past $700 today. At that price, around 22 shares would equal the cost of a $16,000 car, in case any of this needs put into perspective.

iPhone 5 Flat

As could have been predicted, iPhone 5 pre-orders are through the roof. After launching the device during a highly anticipated press event just five days ago, Apple's website now shows that new orders will be available to ship in 2-3 weeks instead of four days from now (the iPhone 5 releases on September 21).

"Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been been incredible," an Apple spokesperson noted. "We've been completely blown away by the customer response."

Apple Store

We compared the iPhone 5's spec sheet to the that of the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III (top Android smartphone), and Nokia's upcoming Lumia 920, and in all reality, it doesn't matter how it stacks up. The iPhone 5 seems destined to become Apple's best selling smartphone of all time, boosting the company's value in the process.

Just how high can Apple's stock realistically climb? That's hard to say. With this kind of reaction to the iPhone 5, one has to wonder if Apple could top the $1 trillion mark. To do that, Apple's stock would have to be trading at $1,066.77. That's not an inconceivable figure, especially if Apple follows up the iPhone 5 launch with an iPad Mini announcement next month.

Apple does have a loyal following but really if your not a sheep how can you be happy about an inferior device thats what I don't get not to mention locked/proprietary software etc hindrances the windows 8 phone and Android TOL look better to me than these by far how can you be happy about getting less capability?


See you dont need much to make people want to buy it.

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I'm amazed at the people who are camping out. It's not like getting the phone that morning changes anything about it, it's the same as the phone that can be purchased any other time. Maybe they're going to try and sell them on Ebay if there's a shortage but if that's not the case I just don't get it.


Hmm Apple limits the amount of phones that can be pre-ordered so there will be lines at the stores..  And if the lines aren't big enough they'll just get their own people on the lines,  A friend pointed out to me that about 6 people waiting on the line outside a store for the 4s actually worked in another Apple store in the same town. Meanwhile in NYC they've already started lining up and the people on the lines are all promoting stuff.


Many people posting (here on these forums) were predicting that this phone would be a failure for Apple,...........

Guess this is not the case.


realneil wrote:

Many people posting (here on these forums) were predicting that this phone would be a failure for Apple,...........

Guess this is not the case.

Expectations do drive the market though so if they are expected to sell 20 million phones their first week and they only deliver 5 million their stock price will drop a bit initially then correct once analysts realize they still sold 5 million phones.