Microsoft is in the process of rolling out some major changes to its official Windows Phone website. The new look and feel will be rolled out in Australia and New Zealand initially and will work its way around the world in the coming weeks. With the new site, you'll see a cleaner design and some new menu options such as News which provides information about Windows Phone-related news and announcements.

One of the biggest changes taking place however, is the retiring of the name Marketplace. Instead, the online store will be known as the Windows Phone Store. Part of the reasoning behind this is to keep some common ground with Windows 8 and its Windows Store for apps and games. In fact, the Windows Phone Store shares the same icon as the Windows 8.

In addition to a new name, the Window Phone Store will receive a few improvements including a better Search box that uses the Bing search engine, better clarification of labels, new browsing options to help you find apps easier, a Spotlight area with recently-published apps, apps with sexual content will be less prominent, and more. The new store will also include a mechanism for reporting an app because it's offensive, has technical problems, or didn't work as it was advertised.


It will be interesting to watch everything M$ is up to in the very near future with the drop of Windows 8 as well as the drop of Windows phone 8 all in October. I wonder what it will change, I wonder if they have waited to long an a multipoint release like this and iOS and Android are to deep for them to go around? I did use a Windows phone 7 device for a couple of days but sent it back because the WIFI calling did not work and it is a necessity in my house for any carrier as none of the hit it fully (which is getting better but not complete coverage yet). It was much more fluid and fast operationally though and that was on the Hardware then as well I know the knew ones have much upgraded hardware. The joined focus VS APPLE part is one thing but while GOOGLE does not have the same set up it is in many ways a much wider use patterned product or group of products. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.