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If the iPhone sweepstakes was a middle school dodge ball game, T-Mobile would be the kid that always gets picked last. For whatever reason, the wireless carrier hasn't been able to sweet talk Apple into letting it sell the iPhone, even though its main competitors -- AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon -- all do, plus a spattering of smaller carriers. Too bad, so sad, but before you weep for T-Mobile, know that it has a game plan for Apple's iPhone 5 launch.

In lieu of carrying Apple's next generation smartphone, which the Cupertino company will unveil to the public on September 12, T-Mobile is reportedly banking on the fact that scores of unlocked iPhone 4S owners will ditch their current devices on eBay, Craigslist, and wherever else, and that the people who end up buying them will be drawn to T-Mobile's all-you-can-feast data buffet.

Apple iPhone 4S

"Anytime there is a new iconic device coming out, the secondary market increases," said Harry Thomas, director of marketing at T-Mobile. "That's one impact we expect to see."

To encourage used iPhone owners to switch to T-Mobile, the wireless carrier is testing a promotion in Atlanta and New York whereby iPhone customers who ink themselves into a two-year service agreement will receive a $100 gift card. The iPhone 4S is already a year old, but at the same time, for users who don't need the latest and greatest that's out there, it's a compelling option when combined with T-Mobile's $70/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan.

what i'm really interested in is, when are they going to drop the ridiculous price of the galaxy III (~$349 with a 2yr agreement).. i have carried my vibrant for two years only to find out i have to pay an additional $140-150 more than any other carrier that is offering the g3.. can't wait for tomorrows announcement.. and i'm not proud of it.


Sign a two year agreement even though you own the hardware? That is [censored]crazy balls.


Most of the unlocked iphones on T Mobile will be the iphone 4 and not the 4s


Not just that!!! T-Mobile Customer Service told me on the phone that ANY TIME THAT A PHONE IS ***UNLOCKED*** ALL THEY EVER GET IS G3 SERVICE!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!


Not just that!!! T-Mobile Customer Service told me on the phone that ANY TIME THAT A PHONE IS ***UNLOCKED*** ALL THEY EVER GET IS G3 SERVICE!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!


To switch to T-Mobile, you have to meet AT&T's requirements for unlocking. But if you don't (like me), you can use UnlockStreak activations for iTunes, which basically turns iTunes into iPhone unlock software. The UnlockStreak activation is executed through iTunes and does a permanent unlock just like the unlock from AT&T.


recently i have heard that in Canada T mobile provide 4g signal. this is really great for T mobile users and T mobile take really good advantage from Apple.


i want the iphone on t mobie