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Apple Mac Pro users will soon have a new professional level graphics to play with -- the NVIDIA Quadro K5000. The card is based on NVIDIA's Kepler architecture and is purportedly the meanest, baddest, fastest professional-class GPU ever released for the Mac platform, NVIDIA says.

The Quadro K5000 is a beast. It has Cinema 4K display support (4096x2160), is capable of driving up to four displays at once, boasts 4GB of graphics memory on a 256-bit bus, has 1536 ALUs, and peak arithmetic rates of 2150 GLOPs for single-precision computation and 90 GLFOPSs for double-precision workloads.

NVIDIA Quadro K5000

"Quadro K5000 for Mac will have a transformational impact on the digital content creation workflow," said Greg Estes, media & entertainment industry executive at NVIDIA. "We're giving Mac Pro users the most powerful professional GPU ever for the Mac, with features and performance that will make a substantial difference in their workflows and allow them to create digital content at speeds never before possible."

Like most high-end professional graphics cards, all that power comes at a cost. NVIDIA says pricing for the Quadro K5000 will start at $2,249 when it ships later this year.

But the real question is, what will be my fps in BF3 on ultimate settings? Kidding! :-)