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Back in April, we ran a pair of OCZ Vertex 4 SSDs (256GB and 512GB) through the benchmark grinder to see what they could do... Today, we’re testing another brother in the family, the 128GB OCZ Vertex 4.  When we first tested the aforementioned drives, we found that the latest generation of the Vertex series delivered somewhat uneven performance. In some workloads, the drives more or less smoked the competition, while they stumbled a bit in others.  The bottom line was that the OCZ Vertex 4 SSDs were mostly impressive, but they didn’t demonstrate quite the upgrade from the previous-generation Vertex 3s that we would have liked.

Between then and now, however, OCZ has tended to the Vertex 4 SSD line by upgrading its firmware.  On the pages ahead we’ll get a gander at how the updated 128GB OCZ Vertex 4 stacks up against other drives with similar capacities and see if it can demonstrate a greater performance enhancement over the competition than the 256GB and 512GB versions did.  We’ll also check in on how (or if) pricing has changed over the last few months...

I like how the prices are coming down on SSDs these days.

The Vertex 4 drives all have performance that's good enough for me. Consider that they go on sale for outstanding prices all of the time, and they represent a great deal.

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Thanks for doing the follow-up. I'm still on the fence about switching completely to SSD but I do like that prices are coming down and performance is improving. Would really love to see reliability get better. With no moving parts I was hoping a failure would be rare but that seems to not be the case. Maybe in a few more years things will stabilize and failures will be uncommon.


I think I'm almost ready to take the plunge with a SSD. They are starting to hit my $100 price point at a size that is useful, and now OCZ at least is willing to back it up with a lengthy warranty, which helps alleviate failure worries.


OCZ has some great deals, I recently bought a Vertex 3 Max IOPS for $180 ( after IR & MR) and I love the boost in performance. NCIX has regular deals on the vertex 4 making it a very good buy.


Had the 256GB version of this since January. Blisteringly fast performance and all the goodies like low power consumption and low heat generation as you'd expect. Definitely worth buying during your next upgrade cycle.