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Well, it’s official: Apple has scheduled an event for September 12th in San Francisco, and if the logo for the event is any indication, the iPhone 5 will be the featured attraction. The logo shows a black 12 with a shadow in the shape of a 5.

This confirms the rampant rumors that September 12th would be an Apple announcement day, that the newest iteration of the iPhone is coming, and that it’s most likely to be named the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 event

Of course, there are other bits of speculation floating around, including that the new phone will include redesigned earbuds, a new A6 processor, a slightly higher-capacity battery, a smaller dock connector and a sleeker design, an HD camera, and a larger 4-inch screen.

All will be revealed, confirmed, or denied in a little over a week. Stay tuned.

4 FB shares and 2 tweets but no comments?? I'm excited to see what Apple releases regardless of how good or bad it is. I've said it before and i'll say it again, Apple always manages to cram a few good features into their devices that almost makes them worthwhile. ALMOST people, I read the hate in the other threads for Apple, please don't hurt me :S


no worries karanm. I got apples back and i am dumb enough to provoke anyone who doesn't. The Iphone 5 hasn't been as much anticipated in my town, or maybe jst my circle of associates so i am all set to be underwhelmed. Apple has been suffering from complaints of too low battery life, especially from the customers who are the most enthusiastic about the iphone. Avid users of all of the phones capabilities find themselves having to recharge the phone multiple times a day.

The larger screen real-eastate gives rise to expand the battery as well and you can count on some significant improvement in that area to take the pressure off of apple for the lack of battery life on previous models. Another key improvement will be the processor. Usually the processor gets bigger and the battery life gets bigger and they sort of cancel each other out. The Apple tea have had some unique problems to face and depending on how well they responded by improving processor speed, battery life and the improvements that are doubtless coming with an upgrade to the OS, apple has a chance to re-invent the iphone once again.

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Nice play on the pic. I never would have noticed the "5" if you didn't tell me LOL Maybe I need more coffee.

And LMAO @ Karanm.. it IS scary to comment on Apple posts these days because of the 'sheep vs non-sheep' debates. But I do agree, as much as people hate Apple lately with the bogus lawsuits, crazy expensive prices, terrible customer service when a device is faulty, etc etc.. people can't deny they do come out with some decent features and they're pretty good at marketing. So, I'm also looking forward to the info release.