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We steer clear of most Apple rumors, but this one caught our eye, thanks to the pictures and video of some unusually-designed earbuds. According to, a Vietnamese site, the iPhone 5 may be getting new earbuds that have ports in the fronts and sides.

Rumored Earbuds For iPhone 5

Of course, most rumors are nothing more than that, and there are a couple strikes against these particular earbuds being genuine iPhone 5 accessories – not the least of which is the absence of an in-line remote, as PC Magazine’s David Murphy points out. But if you’re starving for news on the next iPhone, forget the naysayers and check out the minute-and-a-half video.

Those are ugly, I would hate to have headphones like that LOL. I dont use the iPhone or iPod headphones anyway. I feel as though in ear headphones should come standard for Apple's products. Not if they look like this tho >_


I hope they do change the earbuds. the classic ones are sorely outdated.

Maybe these are just a prototype not the final product.

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They will be just as crappy as the old ones. I have 7 (yes 7) pairs of iPhone earbuds never used still wrapped with plastic and they will never ever be used. Other than poor audio quality and a very flimsy and cheap cord the main reason to hate current apple buds is because they don't fit in your ears! There is no way to get it sealed in there nicely and the moment you move your head even a little they start falling out. Back in the day when these came with iPods thy would supply black foam that would wrap on the outside of the buds like old school buds use to come with ans though these didn't help with sound quality it did help keep them in your ears longer but years ago they stopped bundling this foam. These new buds should be the same extremely poor audio quality BUT IF this new design actually helps them plug your ears better and not fall out I am all for it though I will stil never even try them on!!!!!!

I own a pair of Shure se425's, there is no reason to upgrade to anything unless I'm getting $1000+ molded to my ears Monitor quality buds.


Um, where is the minute and half video?


I gave my Apple ear buds away.

I use something else.

Inspector wrote:

Um, where is the minute and half video?

the link above,......,2817,2409235,00.asp



Looks like two flat butt cheeks. Ewww


Wait, has Apple finally come up with comfortable, reliable ear buds that come with their products? Probably not...but they look different!

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I'm willing to give it a try but I typically just leave the earbuds that come with any device in the package and use my own headphones.