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Monster has made quite a name for itself in the consumer electronics world -- if you asked a pundit, they'd tell you that Monster has made a name for overcharging for typical cords and such. But it also doled out some pretty good gear, especially in the audio world. Now, Nokia is teaming up with a known name to release the Purity Pro Wireless headset. These are cordless cans, where music is transferred over via Bluetooth. They feature one-touch pairing with your smartphone through NFC, but standard Bluetooth pairing is available for those without an NFC-enabled device.

As with most Monster items, the color options here are quite vivid, with consumers able to select from red, yellow, white and black. They're noise-cancelling as well, and the Bluetooth module activates automatically when the headset is unfolded, and switches off again when you fold them up after use. The Purity Pro will ship in Q4 2012, but they won't be cheap -- at over $300, you better start saving now.

Those are nice, but I assume because they are wireless they need batteries. I would love to have wireless headphones as much as the next guy, But with a price tag that high I will most likely pass, or will I hmmm.

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*cough* JUNK *cough*

Unless hey are priced at or BELOW $75 these will be complete junk and a ripoff!

I'm one or those who believes that Monster did get big by selling slightly above average cables for an extremely high premium, but their earbuds are no better. I know back in January Monster didn't renew it's contract with Beats Audio and sometime this year they were going to stop making headphones for Beats, whether they stil do or already stopped thy were NOT good quality audio equipment!!!!! Beats by Dre (really beats by Monster) are worth about 20-30% of the actual retail cost yet people pay it without knowing any better or trying out other hardware in the same price point to compare quality.

Without a continued partnership with Beats, Monster needs to get their own branded headphones better known and what better way to team up with another brand name (Nokia), off offer similarly designed products to beats, but add something different like wireless.... In the end it's still going to be a sub par product. On the upside these should cost less than Beats but probably offer similar performance foR HOPEFULLY less $. It still wouldn't be worth it.

People should stick with real brands like Shure or professional Sony cans etc. Even Ultimate Ears nowwww down hill after Logitech bought them.


It looks good a little to glossy for my type would be nice if they have a matte finiah you know.


These headphones are nearly as good as my under-$50 Arctic P311 set. Of course, I could buy six Arctics for the price of one Monster...


The Logitech H800 are both Bluetooth and standard wireless so I can use them on my mobile devices and my PC, for a lot less money. i do like the look of these Monster headphones though.