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Where's the fun in a high profile product release without a few bumps in the road along the way? It doesn't look like Apple is going to find out. New reports suggest Sharp is having a tough time keeping up with production requirements for displays that will be used in the iPhone 5, which Apple is expected to announced at a press event next month.

It's unclear how far behind schedule Sharp is, though according to Reuter's un-named source, there's definitely trouble. Some of it might be financially motivated. Sharp is said to be struggling with the high costs that come with producing the iPhone 5's touchscreens, so one scenario on the table is that Apple may opt to provide financial incentives to light a fire under Sharp's feet.

Apple iPhone 5
Image Source: Flickr (iphoneshopusa)

We don't suspect this will delay the launch of the iPhone 5, and we certainly don't see Apple postponing its September 12 press event. What's more likely to happen, if this issue isn't resolved, is that those who aren't quick on the pre-order draw will lose out on the first batch of available models and end up having to wait a few weeks before a new batch comes in. Isn't that always the case?

What about the CPU, GPU, and RAM supplier I heard they have been busy in court lately and there could be delays there as well!


LOL well put Rapid, I was thinking the exact same thing!


Delays=money. Look what happen to blackberry. Theyre all busy with coirt. And the rumors say that the new A6 cpu is actually based on samsung equinox. Aint that funny. And as soon they do 4glte theyre going to get sued. And google ant stepping aaside now. Eye for an eye.damn crooks.