Thank you for that.
I have said many times that AMD produces chips that can handle a much heavier work load than Intel could even imagine.
AMD also incorporates newer technology into it's chips that Intel just doesn't support.
In short you can do MORE with a "slower" AMD than you can do with a "faster" Intel.


I'm still using a phenom x4 9750, currently paired with a Radeon HD 6870 and up until the last year or so, I've been able to run pretty much every game at playable framerates and resolutions. In fact, I have more issues with the drivers for my GPU (mostly on Linux but I've had problems updating the Windows drivers) Before it stopped being able to run new games, my only gripes with my cpu are that the temp sensors don't work on Linux. And the linux driver for the sound part of the chipset doesn't play all that well with PulseAudio and Skype unless I add "tsched=0" into the config which screws up flash (the chrome version, the now unsupported version stretches in fullscreen mode if you have dual monitors.

Bottom line: I will be getting the Steamroller equivalent of the fx-8350 and when combined with a decent Nvidia GPU a little later down the line, my system will rock both in Linux and Windows.



I recently got myself an FX-8350... And I've heard outcries from people about crysis 3 putting a lot of weight onto i7's and making framerates drop...

You know why this is? i7 is quad; fx-8350 is 8-core.

Here's a video of me on Crysis 3; STREAMING (at high quality stream settings, so extra CPU load) on maxed out graphics:

Framerate drops are in this situation caused by my graphics card (it being GTX 550Ti)

I even captured my CPU activity at the time too (bottom right corner).

FX-8350 is my hero. :3