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Breaking into and stealing from a dead guy's home ranks only slightly higher on the total pole of shame than robbing someone's grave. Be that as it may, it's being reported that the Palo Alto home of the late Steve Jobs was burglarized a month ago, during which time the robber stole over $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items."

Details or the burglary are just now coming to light, and on August 2, a suspect named Kariem McFarlin was arrested in connection with the crime. McFarlin is currently being held on $500,000 bail. If found guilty and convicted, he could face a potential prison sentence of up to seven years and eight months, a prison term that includes an additional year for "excessive taking of property."

SteveJobs Statue

Tom Flattery, a Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney, said that as far as he can tell, the burglary was "totally random." According to Mercury News, burglaries in the Bay Area have apparently gone up by double-digits in the first half of 2012, prompting police in Palo Alto to launch a "Lock It or Lost It" campaign to encourage residents to stop leaving their doors and windows unlocked.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, passed away on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56 after battling pancreatic cancer.

As shameful as robbing from a dead man is, I can't help but wonder if his sentence will be influenced by who it was he robbed. He absolutely deserves a punishment, I just hope it's not harsher than what he would have received if he had robbed an average Joe.


Why didn't he take that statue? Sheesh.


I agree with your point but it most certainly will be an influence on his case. Then again it's hard to steal $60,000 worth of stuff from an average Joe, bar car theft.

Super Dave

I wonder what constitutes the 'excessive taking of property' enhancement. Personally, I believe anyone caught doing residential burglary needs to serve 25-to-life.


I have no pity for a thief.

Throw the key away for all I care.


This is funny. People are just so lazy and picky now adays and cant seem to get their butts up out the couch and work. Always looking for easy money


I don't know why but that statue just kinda freaks me out! Anyway stealing from a dead man is about as low as it goes that is most definitely for sure. It is not even like the money of it matters it is just a rather sad testimony to the levels people will go to.


7 years in DOC is not enough. I font care who the victim is. You don't enter someone else's home and take their property. What is it about thiefs and people who drive under the include that just pisses me off. Throw the book at this worthless good for nothing.


Rofl, touche insidesin, touche.