Ok guys and gals,


This is my Corsair Vengeance C70 Military Green Build using an ASUS Sabertooth Z77, Intel i5 3570K, 2X4Gb for 8 Gb Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz, MSI AMD HD6850, Western Digital Green 1TB mechanical Hard Drive  (ya I know but I spent more on the MB and lost out on the SSD and Blue drive), and to close it out an InWin 850w Commander II power supply.


I was originally going to get a Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H which was half the price of the Sabertooth but wanted to match the case and theme better.  So budget constraints dictated the loss of the SSD and a lower performance drive.  So the plan going forward is to add a 60Gb SSD for Intel's Smart Response Caching and clone to a Blue Drive and maybe use the green drive as storage.  Also I will be adding a CPU cooler (air) just to work up the funds for a custom water loop and change out the ram for the tan vengeance ram.  I will be replacing all of the stock fans and populating the empties with fans.


This is a work in progress.

Some of the bits.

Getting ready to test the motherboard, processor, and memory.

Just fitted the motherboard getting ready for the video card.

Fitted the video card and found an extra 120 fan to fit in the roof for now.

Working on cable management.

Will update soon.




I got some more parts in and fitted basically I have two Bitfenix Spector Pro 120mm White LED fans behind the front panel and 1 Corsair High Performance Air Flow Edition 120mm Fan in the back and 1 Corsair AF 120mm in the bottom.  I tried to get a matching green from a spray can but not an exact match they may need some airbrush action so I can fine tune the color. Stay tuned heat sink on the way.



Bitfenix Spector Pros



Painting the rings



Bad color match.



Installed in the back.



Installed in the bottom.


I have a Coolermaster Hyper 612 on the way.


Thanks for posting this build log, like it so far :)


I love Corsair's Fan rings... They're so easily modable that you can incorporate them into pretty much anything you can think of.  

Also, I really like the C70, and it looks like your'e doing a decent job of building in it :)