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The initial fervor over the Raspberry Pi Linux PC has perhaps faded a bit, but that’s fine because the thing has been available long enough for master tinkerers such as Adafruit Technologies to do terrific things with it.

Adafruit has actually developed its own Linux distro for Raspberry Pi called “Occidentalis v0.1” (a play on “Rubus occidentalis”, the Latin term for “black raspberry”), which is geared for optimum hackability. The Adafruit gang loves the Raspberry Pi but felt that the latest distro from the latter (Raspian Wheezy) lacked enough features; instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Adafruit took the good work done in Wheezy and built Occidentalis around it.

Adafruit loves Raspberry Pi

Occidentalis includes Hexxeh’s firmware; a 4GB SD image; and support for Bonjour, I2C and hardware SPI, sshd on boot, ssh keygen on first boot, Realtek RTL8188CUS WiFi, one wire support on GPIO #4, and more.

Occidentalis screenshot
One Wire support

Note well that using this distribution is not for newbs, but if you want to see what it’s all about, you can grab it from Adafruit at your earliest convenience.

While obviously limited in processing capabilities, it can be use for many novel things if you use your imagination. Take this video for example,

I found it very amusing and soon after bought a Raspberry Pi just so I could say I had one :]


I wonder if in the end Linux or a flavor thereof will be the standard in a few years. This is mainly being run by Android for now and as a front end of Linux it does do very well. I know some will probably think I am nuts but really it makes sense. The have laptops, slates, televisions, smart phones etc now and coming up we know there glasses concept is being sold to developers so it's development is more wide open than anything. In the end although closed to some degree it is still Linux or an adaptation thereof.