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Game-Changer: TSMC May Build Dedicated Apple FabTrusted sources we've spoken to in the semiconductor industry have implied that TSMC is considering a partnership with Apple that would realign the manufacturer's technology roadmap and fundamentally alter the balance of power between the foundry and its other customers. Morris Chang, TSMC's CEO, spoke about the possibility of closer collaboration with its customers in general terms last Friday, but at the time we thought the likelihood of an Apple alliance was unlikely. We've since been given reason to think otherwise.

A dedicated alliance with Apple that gives the company first access to 20nm production and/or a dedicated fab could fundamentally redefine the foundry-customer relationship and have serious impact on both TSMC's other customers and its competitors...

Game-Changer: TSMC May Build Dedicated Apple Fab


Definitely a bad news for everyone else specially if Apple gained exclusive access to the newer technology Which id quite expected considering typical Apple's strategies and their pronounced influence.

I think TSMC is not spending enough money on R&D Despite being on of the most profitable corporations with a staggering Profit/Revenue ratio of 0.4 and the fact that their business model depend on it. While GlobalFoundries's smaller profit margin give them a bit of an excuse for their technological details, TSMC's delay is inexcusable.

Joel H

I wouldn't call it inexcusable. I think, rather, that it's the sign of just how difficult scaling has gotten at these nodes.