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Here are some choices for the replacement for my fried Tyan mobo. Here is what I'll be doing with it.

Home office, surfing, video editing (minor), some gaming (love the RPG's ). No oc'ing, at least at this point. I want the best bang for the buck. But don't want to break the bank either. I would like to keep the cost below $140.

You'll notice that some of the boards are older. That's because I don't know if I want to continue with my 1.8 P4 or go to a 2.2 or 2.4 P4. I don't even know if the 1.8 still works. The Tyan fried at the RAM slots. Do you think the proc is still good, or should I just go a head and look for another one?

No, I haven't ruled out AMD. I've read enough posts to see that AMD is a viable choice. I just didn't want to start another Intel vs AMD thread

On with the chioces. I'm kinda partial to Epox at this point. But it's not etched in stone. That's why I need your opinion.

Epox: EP- 45DA5+
SiS 684 chipset
533MHz FSB
PC2700 3GB max
AGP 8x

Epox: EP-4T4AU
i850 chipset
533MHz FSB
PC1066 2GB max
AGP 4x

Epox: EP-45DA
SiS 645 chipset
400MHz FSB
PC2700 3GB max
AGP 2x, 4x

AOpen Ax4 TII
i850 chipset
400MHz FSB
PC800 2GB max
AGP 4x

SiS 645DX chipset
400/533 FSB
PC2700 2GB max
AGP 2x, 4x

SiS 654DX chipset
533 MHz FSB
PC2700 2GB max
AGP (couln't find AGP specs at Newegg, will assume at least 4x)

VIA P4PB/P4X400/ATA133
PX 400 chipset
400/533 FSB
PC3200 3MB max
AGP 4x, 8x

i845 chipset
400/533 FSB
PC2700 2MB max
AGP 4x

I put a couple of RAID boards in just because I don't want to rule out that option yet.

The rest of the system:

Full tower
Toshiba CD-RW (24-12-32)
3.5 floppy (yes I still use it)
Audigy Live Platinum
VisionTek GeF2 Ti (This can go)
40GB WD HDD (looking to go to an 80GB Seagate)
512MB PC2100 (generic crap - it to can go away)
450 watt ps
Standard HS/Fan
3 - 70mm case fans